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Have you been looking to increase the diversity of your brand’s market? Have you been looking into tapping into the mind-blowing potential of the growing Asian American market? Have you been struggling to find the right Asian influencer to help you? You’re not alone. Working with influencers should be easy. We’re here to help.


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“Working with CantoMando was very easy and streamlined. The ad content they created exceeded our expectations. They helped us sell out one of our styles, and they pushed us forward exponentially faster than we thought. They’re not just going to just “plug” your product in a 20 second script-sounding dialogue, but will really showcase the product effectively!”

-Alan Nguyen, Magna Lashes

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Who is Cantomando?


CantoMando is a trio that has achieved international popularity with their high-quality, hilarious, and thought-provoking videos.

Through their videos which share their experiences as Asians Americans, they are recognized as relatable and influential figures in the Asian community. Moreover, they have been invited to speak at many universities in North America to their loyal audience of viewers.

With millions of viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, as well as numerous happy customers, Cantomando can help you share your brand with the Asian American Community.


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